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Volunteers of America Western Washington has taken the lead on difficult tasks for over 100 years to help the underserved and create safe, stable, and healthy communities. VOAWW is rooted in the long-standing tradition of compassionate, holistic services and creating opportunities to serve one another, and leaving a lasting impact on residents throughout Northwest Washington.


A Service Hub

The Lynnwood Neighborhood Center will leverage the strong relationships established between VOAWW and partner agencies to provide an extensive set of social, educational, and behavioral services. Families, older adults, and individuals will be welcomed and connected to a support network that will enhance their lives and their family’s community. It is designed to be community gathering place providing access to amenities like a gymnasium, a multipurpose room, flexible classroom space, and a commercial kitchen.


Financially Sustainable

With Trinity Lutheran Church’s generosity, the LNC property lease rate will be $1 per year over 50 years. Lease payments and rental fees are projected to cover all ongoing operational costs while still committing to affordable lease rates for its nonprofit tenants.

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Your neighbors, Mike and Tina, have been stretched thin in recent years.

Their twin girls are now in middle school, still so full of energy and now needing even more time to socialize. Tina’s dear mom Susan moved in with them after the death of her husband, and she needs a lot of care. Susan’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis means she cannot be left alone even for a short while.


While they love having their house full of family, the increasingly common demands of growing children, an aging parent, and their busy careers has been a lot to handle. They are exhausted.


Imagine Mike and Tina having the support they need in one location in their own backyard. They head to the Lynnwood Neighborhood Center, where they drop the girls off at the Boys and Girls Club for an afternoon of sports and hanging with friends. Susan receives socialization and care at the onsite Adult Day Program. And Mike and Tina can grab a coffee, go on a date, run some errands, or even just rest at home. The whole family is enriched and recharged.


Thanks to the programs at the Lynnwood Neighborhood Center, Mike and Tina are able to get some relief just minutes away from home. Their kids are thriving, and Susan has a high quality of life. And while their lives are still busy, the extra support makes all the difference.

South Snohomish County - a Community in Need

Growing pockets of extensive poverty in South Snohomish County have a debilitating impact on the health, wellbeing, and vibrancy of the whole community. The LNC will provide a highly-accessible hub of services and programs that serve the Edmonds School District area.

The LNC will be a multicultural, multi- generational place for all our neighbors to connect with services, learn new skills, find new opportunities, and build community.



students in the Edmonds School District experience homelessness each year


Lynnwood residents live below poverty level

of older adults in the project’s census tract live below 200% of the federal poverty level



low-income children are without access to preschool

households have a single parent with children


The Power of Partners

Building on existing relationships of VOAWW, the LNC will maximize the synergy of organizations working together to provide a holistic, integrated approach to services.

These dynamic partnerships between nonprofit organizations, elected officials, and community leaders will provide a variety of essential services designed to break down barriers for all individuals and families through convenient, inclusive, and accessible programs.

VOAWW is committed to:

Identify community needs and work with center nonprofits to create shared goals as a team of service providers

Facilitate ongoing collaboration between service providers

Foster community outreach and engagement to keep services relevant and accessible, and continue to eliminate challenges faced by South Snohomish County residents

A State-of-the-Art Solution

The LNC will be a 40,000 square-foot Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified facility on 2.13 acres of land in central Lynnwood. The design is intended to be flexible enough to change as community needs evolve for generations to come.


It will provide an integrated space with multiple nonprofits working to engage the community and support low-income families through the complex struggles they may experience. The building will include gathering spaces, training facilities, and event space, all of which will be made accessible for community celebrations, local events, and nonprofit use.

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Your neighborhood needs you.

The excitement and support from local citizens, foundations, and corporations is inspiring. The next step is to build on this excitement and ensure that every business, community group, and individual has an opportunity to be a part of this meaningful project through partnership and financial support.


You can make a difference in the lives of your neighbors and ensure that our community becomes even Stronger. Empower your neighbors to succeed through building a community that thrives from the support and partnership of its members. The opportunities and benefits from such a philanthropic venture are critical to jump-starting a multi-decade community service initiative.


Your investment in this campaign will live on for decades and will see thousands of our neighbors receive the gift of a brighter future.

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